Fanø Strikkefestival 2018

Since 2005, every year in September knitters, mainly from skandinavian countries, come together on the Danish north sea island of Fanø for the “Strikkefestival” (Fanø International Knit Festival). Organised by Christel Seyfarth, the visitor numbers rose from 600 at the beginning to 10,000 in the anniversary year of 2015.

After some of us had already visited the festival in 2016, some of our works were exhibited from 15 to 17 September 2017 for the first time. Annette Wiegand, Annegret Siemens, Katrin Ihle, and Margitta Biallas were able to show their pictures as part of a community exhibition.

Additionally, we are once again on the Strikkefestival in 2018. This time, our exhibition is in the school’s auditorium.