Live, the Universe and all the Rest

Exhibition at the Fanø Strikkefestival

Aula of the school in Nordby, island of Fanø, Danmark
Thu. 17 to Sun. 20 September 2020

The exhibition “Life, the Universe and Everything” is arranged around the picture of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, looking like a black hole in the universe. It presents knitted pictures, created after der hand knitting method of “KlugeStrickArt”, developed by Gabriele Kluge, Berlin.

Annette Wiegand –
Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis –
2010 –
Baumwolle, handgestrickt –
140 x 140 cm

It is a system where flowing fields developed around short rows. There are only left and right stitches. There are no traditional knitting instructions. There are a few rules to follow so that the initially wave-shaped knitting piece becomes straight in the end.

Each knitter creates individual designs for her work. Pictures are knitted with very thin cotton yarn and sometimes other materials, often with 4 threads, with thin needles. By mixing the thin threads the pictures seem rather to be painted then knitted.

Not only pictures, but also clothes as well as accessoires, carpets and three-dimensional objects can be knitted. Creativity has no limits.

Annegret Siemens
Annette Wiegand
Catrin Lensky-Kralle
Gabriele Dippold von der Heide
Ilona Hillebrand
Katrin Ihle
Margitta Biallas

Monika Stephan